I took a few minutes to rectify something on the Mac today that has been bothering me for sometime. I am a relatively new Mac convert, but still longed for a good crisp mono-spaced font as found in MS Visual Studio.

Yes, it is a personal issue, but I believe that “Consolas” is almost a perfect font for development IDEs, scripting and just terminaling around. That’s right, I just converted infinitive word “terminal” to a stressed-consonant ing-form preposition. See you on UrbanDictionary.com.

Though available in Mac 365 Office, Word, etc … the “Consolas” font family was not listed within NetBeans IDE, Xcode, and other mac apps. Without getting caught up in the differences of font formats between Windows and Mac, the following details how I got it installed and visible on the Mac. This process can be repeated for other MS Office fonts.


  • MS 365 Office 2016 for Mac, including Power Point or Word, installed on your MacBook.
  • See disclaimer


  1. Open finder, and go to [System OS Drive] | Applications | Microsoft PowerPoint.app
  2. Right, click and Show Package Contents. The goodies are hidden in these MS app packages.
  3. There are two places that hold various fonts, Consolas is in the first:
    > Resources/DFonts
  4. Copy all ttf files for the font of choice, as each represents bold, italics, etc. In our example, we are focusing on the Consolas font family.
  5. Paste into [System OS Drive] | Library | Fonts
  6. Restart your IDE or app, and fonts will be available.

Here is an example of Consolas 11 within the NetBeans editor, so clear and crisp … even when set tiny: