This article, as others regarding Mac configuration, may be in the “no duh” category for Mac long-timers … but could serve as a quick fix for those facing similar issues, or for new Mac converts, as I.

In retrospect, I believe that the upstream network configuration for my organization changed during the evening, and the symptoms described below were the result of (or were exasperated by) these changes. Specifically, I suspect a passive HTTP proxy was implemented or changed somewhere in the networked pathway of bits within our organization.

Issue and Symptoms:

  • First thing in the morning, I logged in on Mac Book and was confronted with Microsoft Authentication errors from MS 365 Word and Outlook.
  • When I attempted a git remote fetch and pull from Netbeans 8.2x, I got one or both of the following errors:
    • Cannot connect to remote repository
    • User password incorrect
  • I knew I had entered both MS 365 and remote BitBucket repository user/password credentials correctly, as I verified these with the respective web-based interfaces.


I realized there was some host-domain naming resolution issue going on with Mac, as the two anomalies started the same morning. A quick web search returned lots of open issues with Netbeans git remote repository authentication, but none provided help or resolution. It was when I started searching on Mac and MS 365 that I stumbled on support postings discussing auto-discovery and proxy configuration issues contributing to the problem. So, this is how I fixed it in about five clicks:

  1. On your Mac, go to System Preferences | Network
  2. Click on the Proxies tab
  3. Uncheck Auto Proxy Discovery as shown
  4. Exit and restart your applications (Netbeans, Word, Outlook, etc. ).


And that’s it. MS 365 authenticated and Netbeans git remote connected and worked again as expected. Like and link, thanks!

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