Privacy Statement

Like other blogging, entertainment and informational sites, this site utilizes Google Analytics software and related Google API components to track visits to this site and specific pages, postings and content. In addition, input forms on this site may implement Google API components to ensure that the users of the forms are indeed humans, and not robotic automated scripts, known as “bots”. Google captures various information about visits to this site, including:

  • The website you came from prior to accessing this site
  • How long you visit this site
  • The pages and postings you click on
  • The type of browser you are using
  • And quite a bit more about the client browser you are using, as detailed by:
    > Google Privacy Statement
    > Google Analytics site

This site uses Cookies

Google Analytics uses cookies, which are small data files used by your browser, to help serve the ads it displays on the websites of its partners, such as websites displaying Google ads or participating in Google certified ad networks. When users visit a Google partner’s website, a cookie may be dropped on that end user’s browser.

Contact and Input Forms

In addition to the above, any information you submit through the “Contact” form is retained for the purposes of replying to your request, or notifying you of related information. Any content you submit from the “Contact” form shall only be viewed by this site’s content authors and managers, and shall not be shared with third parties. If you wish that your “Contact” form data to not to be retained after an initial read, simply state this in your message body field or in the subject line.

How Google Analytics Data is used by this Site

Tracking information collected by Google Analystics helps the content and posting creation process, and helps understand who visits this site and what content vistors are accessing and reading.

  • Periodically, this information is aggregated to provide statistics about the number of visitors this site receives.
  • No personally identifiable information (PII) is collected or maintained by this site, or included in our statistical reporting.
  • All visitation statistics analysis and reporting falls within the bounds and guidance of the Google Analytics Terms of Service.

Google Analytics Advertising Features

In addition to the core Google Analytics service, this site has also enabled the following options to help further determine the type of traffic this site receives, and help authors guide the posting content creation:

Opting Out of Google Analytics Tracking

You may opt out of Google’s use of cookies on this site and others by:

Social Network Tracking

To enhance your reading experience, this site provides various social network links, article “like” and “tweet” buttons, and other social-network linkages. If you elect to click on these sharing and social networking icons/links, you will leave this site either through a browser page/tab transition or through a pop-up or style-sheet component; visitation information shall be collected by the respective social networking service provider you access. As a result, the respective “like” or visit counter will increment on this site and your social comments may be recorded in the respective affiliated social media site or profile. For example, when you click on the G+ icon, you will go to the Google+ profile affiliated with this site. Please refer to their respective data use and privacy statements: